Micro-Grain Carbide


All NTK cutting tools are manufactured at our plant in Komaki, Japan.
Our turning and milling tools for machining with ceramic or CBN tools are manufactured in Europe. Tool holders for precision cutting tools (carbide, cermet, PKD) are manufactured in Japan.


Our products are subject to the highest quality standards and are certified according to DIN 9001 and DIN 14001.
Our continuously high-quality controls ensure this quality.

Micro-Grain Carbide

NTK Micro-Grain Carbide is characterized by an extremely small grain size (less than 1μm).

This achieves high toughness with a perfect hardness at the same time. This effects extremely sharp cutting edges.

Compared to the conventional “Fine-Grain Carbide”, it offers excellent wear and tear resistance at high temperatures. NTK Micro-Grain Carbide with PVD coatings provides more resistance against wear.

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